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51 Days Of Spiritually Awaken With Me Series

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Chronological Remembrance-A Guide To Inner Child Healing & Integration – Chirasree Bandyopadhyay

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🌌Hello I’m Chirasree Banerjee – The #GodMadeEntrepreneur! Making it big with Christ as a center of every action

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🌏I am an author,poet,entrepreneur,multi purpose coach, quantum integration therapist specialized in VAK intelligence expansion,tarot reader, healer and a lover of spirituality and God.

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🌟Each moment I’m learning. I’m a student, enthusiastic to share whatever I learn. I live to learn.

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💚I’m also a KBB graduate certified by Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi.

🌟I am also a twin flame and I love and serve Krishna Christ. I love Jesus Christ & Krishna and wherever I am in my life, it’s so because God has guided me throughout the process.

🌟I love to praise the Lord because without Him I’m nothing. He is, that is why you are, we are, I am and everything is. We are all connected and are one with God.

🌟We are all children of the Lord.

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The Diary Of A Stoner (2016)

Offers To Malik The Journey Within Based On The Twin Flame Ascension Journey(2019)

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