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Manifestation is a process

– Manifestation is constantly happening since we were born , we create our reality ! We birth our reality into existence.  Since we were born our first expectation about the outer world caused a belief – in that belief we started to believe in what is and at that place the syncing caused us to create our reality and thus without any notice we are constantly manifesting . In that process when things mess up , we lose track and feel literally stuck and that stuck , confused , lost , dejected state we start to create a reality that we don’t like ! The outside circumstances start to horrify us at the core and then we have blocks in our path to believe and surrender . 

✅How we can help you:

♥Quantum integration shifts your to a desired vibration 

❤Access Bars & Joyous Body Protocol Practitioner, Have Done Light Key Basic & Advanced Blueprint ,Reiki Master, KBB Certified Business Graduate, Krishna Consciousness Yogi, Spiritual Teacher, Student Of Jasmine Seer

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❤️Spells accelerate your journey and as the higher the power of spells go – the more energy acceleration tools are used in variation so that you can experience a massive raise in your vibration 

❤️My courses are pre designed to shift you to a state where you truly and deeply learn holistic studies deeply . They are all professional & affiliate courses . As a professional you receive leads from Quantum Dynamic 8 to share the modalities as a practitioner to our clients . As an affiliate you have a deposit account for points you generate from the sales you make of our courses – to earn 20% from each course that sell . Facilitation of the course to leads sent by us is not allowed & you may have to discontinue your company contract for policy violation . 

❤️Akashik Reading Clearing gives you access to know your shadows and blocks and with energetic clearing coupled with quantum integration we shift you to a higher frequency and connect you more to your spiritual path 

❤️Quantum Integration Therapy Specialised In VAK Intelligence Expansion helps you to integrate all that is to be here to experience instant magic through one on one session . 

My purpose is to help you to integrate and shift your core beliefs on a molecular level to live the impossible. I am a Krishna Consciousness Yogi.

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Faith it till you make it . The more you can risk to surrender the worry that what you want – it will not happen – the faster you can be in a parallel reality where what you want has already happened ! The power of belief when strengthened at the core , you can surrender to align . When you align – you become a powerful magnet to MIRACLES.

“There is a gulf between what you want to manifest in your reality and your perception. The more you fill up that gap , you align more and more – to be one with all that’s – surrender everything to God /Higher Power that you believe in , work on your beliefs – you manifestation will show up !” – Chirasree Banerjee

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Chirasree Banerjee,

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