10/14/21 Discover Your Courage

Ashley’s Daily Guidance:

Today insight hits home for me. The card and guidance I pulled today resonate with me on a personal level as I hope it will for you. Finding the courage to wake up in the morning can be difficult if you have been facing hard situations as of late. Situations that you feel you are not able to overcome. The guidance today is to begin to find the courage within you. I promise it’s there even though you may not think it is.

Something to keep in mind is a saying I’m sure you may have heard many times which is – courage is not the absence of fear but the ability to feel the fear and keep moving forward.

Courage comes in many different forms. Courage can be shown in overcoming a lifelong fear or just waking up to face the morning with a smile on your face. We need to start giving ourselves more love and respect. We can handle so much more than we feel we can at times. 

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