19 Spiritual Tips to Activate Your Higher Mind for Success (Program Your Mind to Manifest Success)

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There are two selves/minds that exist in every person. One is the temporary self that has been created by the conditionings of society (and that usually has limited appreciation of itself), and the other is the REAL SELF, the Higher Mind, that is the spark of life. When we embark on a spiritual awakening, learning to tap into the Higher Self can have profoundly positive effects. In this video are 19 spiritual tips (coming directly from my studies with the University of Metaphysics) that I’ve personally used in my own life to activate my "higher mind" for success and manifest from a place of self-confidence, faith and belief.

These tips will help you reprogram your surface mind, as well as reprogram your subconscious mind, so you can manifest your life in dynamically positive ways. (Reprogramming the subconscious mind is amazingly powerful when it comes to personal development, manifestation and transformation. Activating the Higher Mind, as simple as it may sound, can impress the Subconscious Mind in ways that create lasting, permanent change and allow a person to begin manifesting intentionally.) #highermind


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