9/23/21 Daily Insight – Grounding & Meditation 

Ashley’s Psychic Insight:

This week has been a little interesting. It’s time to refocus and breathe. Grounding is needed in order to bring yourself back to a peaceful state of mind.

If your head has been running in circles, if you feel exhausted, or you just need a break try this out:

  • Take four deep breaths by breathing in and out slowly. This will help reset your system and release the stress you’ve been holding on to.
  • Now focus on your shoulders and allow them to relax. When tend to hold our shoulders up when we get stressed. So just take a moment and relax the shoulders away from the ears.
  • Lastly, take another deep breath and say to yourself, ” I am safe”. This will help ease your mind and bring in more peace.

Hopefully, that has helped refocus your mind and decreased your stress level. Whenever you feel stressed try to breathe and relax your shoulders.

Chakra Reading Cards by Rachelle Charman

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