9/24/21 Daily Insight – It’s Time To Heal

Ashley’s Psychic Insight:

It’s time to not only release the past but the emotions you’ve been holding on to that are tied to the past. These could be emotions that deal with relationships, your career, your family, different projects, or the environment you’ve been in. When we hold on to different situations we hold on to the energy that was given to us in those situations. The energy can be both positive and negative. In order for us to begin healing from situations, we have to be willing and ready to release the energy that is not ours or does not serve our best and highest good. 

In my every day, I use this little meditation to release energy within my field that doesn’t belong to me. I am an energy healer and empath. Most people don’t understand but when you are an empath you soak up energy like a sponge. It’s very helpful to understand when you have taken on someone else’s energy. This exercise will also help when you just need to clear your mind. Try it out and see if it works.

  1. Take a moment and take three deep breaths.
  2. Ask your guides or angels to step forward (I also ask for Archangel Michael to step forward).
  3. Next, I say the following, “Mother Earth please allow me to snuggle my roots deep within yours.” This helps to ground before removing the unwanted energy.
  4. Then ask Archangel Michael to step forward. “Archangel Michael, please release any energy within my energy field that does not belong to me.”
  5. Take a deep breath and allow the energy that doesn’t belong to you to be released.
  6. Lastly, call your energy back. “I now call all of my energy back to me.”

You may not know this but we not only get people’s energy we give ours away. This can happen walking down the street, in the store, etc. There are other steps to prevent this but this is a good starting point to calling it back.

Mystical Wisdom Card Deck Written by Gaye Guthrie & Art by Josephine Wall

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