9/26/21 Daily Insight – Self Mastery & Personal Power

Ashley’s Psychic Insight:

Every day we are continuously learning and growing. Today is no different. We are each given different gifts within this lifetime to help us succeed. These gifts are meant to help not only us as an individual but those around us. With that being said, today you need to start growing more into your gifts. Start focusing on the energy of what you want to become of the gifts you want to master. 

The key is to focus on these different things until you become a master at the craft. The more we learn the more we can utilize these skills to help the greater good. To help yourself, your family, and those you love around you. Perhaps even help those you may not know.

As you can see you are being encouraged to step into your own personal power. From the card specifically, it says, ” You have called upon this card today because it’s time to step fully into your power. We are living a truly exciting time here on earth and we are all encouraged and invited to live more from a place of empowerment. Over time we have learnt to hand over our power to other people and situations, which has created an imbalance and inequality. Sometimes we feel like other people know what’s best for us and the situation at hand, and due to a lack of self-love and honour we give our power over to them. It is now time to connect to your own wisdom, love and personal power. Everything you require is within you. Now it is time to look within and listen to that loving wisdom and your own divine guidance.” (Chakra Reading Cards Guidebook, p.49, Rachelle Charman)

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