9/27/21 – Breathe & Follow Your Intuition

Ashley’s Psychic Insight: 

The world is full of illusions. Have you hear the saying, “Not everything is as it seems?” Well, today this saying rings true. The kicker is you may not only believe this to be true but it’s almost as if you can feel it in your bones. You can feel it in the environment as well. Can you feel how high the tension is? Today you need to focus on breathing. Breathing is incredibly important today through the next few days.

Trusting yourself and your intuition will also be very important. Try to refocus on what is in front of you. Ask yourself questions to really get clarity on any situations you may be facing. You will find that you will be your best friend when it comes to giving out advice. The interesting thing is that you need to trust that advice that you give yourself! This is not going to be easy but it is necessary.

SO to recap… today is about breathing and focusing on trusting your intuition. When things get difficult – breathe. When things get stressful – breathe. When you feel like screaming – breathe. I cannot stress enough how important it will be to really focus on breathing!

Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue & Mystical Wisdom written by Gaye Guthrie & Art by Josephine Wall

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