9/28/21 – Gentleness & Understanding You Are Safe

Ashley’s Psychic Insight:

Yes, it is Tuesday so the week has only just begun. With that said, it doesn’t have to be a week full of hardships and struggles. We don’t need to continuously live the same day over and over again. This is a reminder to breathe and take it easy. Go outside and relax in the sun. Take time out to just be you and have fun. Going for a walk being in nature will help. Listening to music or even taking a nice long bath will help calm the mind and bring joy and happiness.

It’s time to just be who you are. No need to think of what other people are doing or what they are going to think. You are safe to be who you are. You were created for a reason. You were created for a purpose that only you can achieve. You are here for a reason. It’s time to start being nicer to yourself.

You’ve worked hard so why not take the time out to appreciate the hard work you’ve accomplished. Try this saying to help you get back on track, ” I am here for a reason. I am special. I can do amazing things. I am safe.” 

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