9/29/21 Daily Insight – Stop Worrying

Ashley’s Psychic Insight –

Each day is full of great adventures and possibilities. This is very true but at times may not feel like it is the case. When we look ahead to the future we normally bring anxiety, fear, or some kind of emotion. The interesting thing is when we think of the future we imagine the worse case situation. We build up different circumstances, emotions, reactions, events, etc. that will come up and either surprise us or hurt us in some fashion.

Today this guidance is telling you to stop doing this. Stop throwing fear and unneeded anxiety into your future. It’s kind of pointless because what we cook up in our minds never plays out that way in real life. Have you noticed this fact? If not, then start paying attention to what your mind says will happen and what actually happens. The universe is not ‘out to get you’. It actually wants the best for you. The kicker is you have to want the best for yourself as well and SHOW IT.

Self-love and gratitude play a big part in what comes our way. With that said, you need to focus on the good things in your life and start removing the negative influences or people around you. Start filling your time with people that love you and healthy things for your mind.

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