9/5/21 Daily Insight – Chaos and Powerlessness

9/5/2021 – Chaos and Powerlessness

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Ashley’s Daily Psychic Insight:

Chaos can cause frustration, anxiety, sadness, and worrisome thoughts. Is there a situation around you where people are battling it out around you? It looks like chaos. No one is really looking or listening to each other. This shows that you may be being pulled apart by different individuals or your own agenda. Lots of high drama going on. There are so many different things going on that you can’t really focus on. Other people could also be demanding too much of you which is causing staleness. You may feel as though nothing is moving forward. This might also be causing lots of anxiety and worry.

You may be losing sleep by keeping yourself up at night with your head full of worry. Powerlessness and loss of control are where you may find yourself with all this worry and chaos around you. Basically, you are letting your mind and the situation get the best of you. Please understand that worrying will not help your situation, it will only feed it. These concerns will stop having power over you when you resolve them at their source.

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