9/9/21 Daily Insight – Healing Your Energy

Chakra Reading Cards by  Rachelle Charman

Ashley’s Daily Psychic Insight:

Health is very important. No doubt you’ve heard it all over the news, social media, co-workers, friends, family, and so on. No, I’m not going to give a lecture or tell you what to think or feel or how to be healthy in the eyes of the public. This is advice on your mental health as well as your energic body. (Disclaimer – I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice or to take the place of it. See the full terms and service aka disclaimer in the footer below.) When we feel ill it’s our body’s way of letting us know something is wrong.

Normally when we feel ill it’s because we have been holding on to the energy that is trying to be released. For example, you don’t speak up when you know you should the stuck energy could create pressure causing a sore throat. If we have a headache it could be that you have been tossing around different situations or options and have yet to pick one. There’s a ton of other examples in one of my favorite books, All is Well by Louise Hay and Mona Lisa Schulz.

The insight for today is to not only take care of yourself by washing hands and not touching your face (had to…) but to listen to your body. What are you holding on to within your energy field that needs to be released? Understand that you hold the power to heal yourself energetically. You just have to be willing and ready to move forward and release what no longer serves your best and highest good.

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