Astrology – Intuitive Forecast (10/11 – 10/17)

Today (Monday), we may find it easier to be social butterflies than be productive at work due to the moon moving through Sagittarius. Later in the day, however, it will transition into Capricorn to inspire productivity for the next few days. As you will soon find a Capricorn Moon creates the need to be more serious and focused making it easier to stay on task and complete projects.

With Mercury being in retrograde you can pretty much write off the week after Wednesday. It also doesn’t help with the Aquarian Moon causing numerous interruptions, unexpected projects or additional work-related responsibilities, and changes in direction in all areas.

When we reach the end of the week feel free to take a breather! With the Sun in Libra trine Moon in Aquarius, it should make for a happy and peaceful day. Maybe think about going out in nature, eating healthy, or just enjoying time outdoors and relaxing.

This trend should continue into the weekend due to Mercury in Libra sextile Venus in Sagittarius. The weekend will prove to be happy and joyous filled with creativity. If you are feeling up to it you could even complete a few projects you’ve been putting to the side. The Moon is traveling into Pisces giving the environment a nice easy pace. On Sunday, Jupiter will go direct bringing a sense of balance and calmness. This will continue throughout the rest of October.

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