Astrology – Intuitive Forecast (11/15 – 11/21)

This week will turn out to be a rather pleasant week leading up to Friday when we will experience the change in the air. On Friday, there will be a major astrological event that will create a shift allowing for a change in our path and focus for the next few months. There will be a Taurus Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse that takes place on Friday.

The ‘Beaver Moon’, also known as the Taurus Full Moon, will occur this week. This Moon foretells the possibility of physical change. The earth sign shows us that we need to direct our attention to the physical things within our lives such as money and health. This will stay the main focus until the next eclipse that will take place on December 4th.

Although we can expect exciting change, we must also be cautious of the way our emotions are affected by the Taurus Moon. The Taurus Moon may make us feel irritable, restless, and temperamental. Focus on keeping your calm wits about you since there could be a possibility for disputes and family arguments to arise. Remain as grounded as you can especially toward the end of the week.

On Sunday, expect the Sun to move into Sagittarius. This will set everyone up for the next four weeks to begin searching for resolutions and balance within our lives. With two large events this week we should see more determination and confidence in our goals moving into the new year.

It may be helpful to note that these events take place under a Gemini Moon. You can expect to hear people become more vocal about the different changes and progress they are making towards their goals.

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