Astrology – Intuitive Forecast (11/22 – 11/28)

This week is a special week in the United States, where they will be celebrating everything they are thankful for with the Thanksgiving Day holiday. Although the United States is celebrating this holiday everyone around the world will more than likely be feeling a deeper sense of appreciation due to the Sun moving deeper into Sagittarius.

In the beginning of this week, you may find that the focus will be on your family traditions as you begin the preparations for the holiday later this week. Since this is the first official holiday that kicks off the joyous season you will feel more gratified and joyfulness in setting up for the days ahead.

On Wednesday, Mercury will move into Sagittarius to begin the festivities! You may find that creativity, communication, and connecting with loved ones will be the reoccurring theme through December. Also on Wednesday, Leo’s Moon will square Uranus in Taurus that will create unpredictability, impatience, and indecisive behavior within some of us.

Be cautious of these traits because they could cause chaos in relationships with family, friends, or loved ones. Leo’s Moon is also opposite Saturn in Aquarius causing issues and feelings to arise such as depression, abandonment, and sadness.

The Leo Moon will have individuals shopping until they drop as well as having people wanting to focus on self-care and recuperating. Regrouping after a chaotic week is a decent idea since the weekend progresses under a Virgo Moon. Make sure you take the time to breathe and show gratitude throughout the hectic planning of the holiday season ahead.

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