Astrology- Intuitive Forecast (5/2 – 5/8)

This week starts with Venus moving into Aries. Expect a week full of inspiration, action, and much heart-centered progress. Monday the Moon will progress through Gemini through Wednesday creating an inspiration to collect, share and take in information at a high speed. 

You may find that conversations and discussions will be enlightening and full of fun. You may even find yourself pondering all the possibilities as you wade through all the details.

On Monday, please be cautious about becoming too distracted from what you should be focusing on due to the Taurus Moon trine Pluto in Capricorn. This trine could make you very emotional and restless.

Monday evening Taurus Moon sextile with Venus in Pisces is a great time to refocus on your relationships due to the renewed harmony and ability to recommit.

 If you found this past weekend to be full of arguments and conflict don’t worry! Monday evening will be a great time to reconnect and make up because of the forgiving moods.

On Thursday, the Moon will venture into Cancer lasting two days. This will create a need for our attention to be focused on the home life with family and security.

Side note: This would be the PERFECT time to backup your computer, phones, and other devices due to the upcoming Mercury retrograde.

Over the weekend, the Moon will travel through Leo helping us to focus more on self-nurturing and generosity towards others and ourselves. Don’t be too upset if the chores don’t get completed this weekend. You may be too involved with enjoying the company of friends and family. 

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