Astrology- Intuitive Forecast (7/11 – 7/17)

“Easy peasy” is the theme for Monday. With how everything has been these last few weeks it’s nice to get a day to just slow down. Although you may not get much accomplished in this easy-going mood under the Sagittarius Moon, there is a sense of rebalancing and renewal in the air.

It may be best to use a little bit of caution this evening, however, as the Sagittarius Moon opposition with Venus in Gemini can create overzealous or stressful emotions. Sagittarius Moon square Neptune in Pisces can create even more anxiety and agitation. Try your best to remain calm and relaxed this evening. Leave all frustrations from the work day at work!

With Capricorns Moon on Tuesday, you will feel more on track with your everyday obligations and it waxes full on Wednesday you will find that you will cruise through all those ‘To Do’ items on your list. Wednesday the Capricorn Moon trine Uranus in Taurus will help you to be more optimistic, focused, and problem solvers. Thursday and Friday’s Aquarius Moon will bring about the perfect environment to brainstorm ways to improve productivity.

Get excited because you will have a very relaxing and peaceful weekend as the sun moves through Pisces, punctuated on Sunday by Venus’s entry into Cancer. This weekend will be a great time to reorganize and refresh your surroundings. 

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