Astrology – Intuitive Forecast (9/20 -9/26) 

There will be three significant astrological events that have the ability to affect us, beginning with today’s Pisces Full Moon, also known to be the Harvest Moon. This Moon marks the completion of a cycle and a time to reap what we have planted, in addition to the chance to release the past.

On Wednesday, the Sun will move into Libra and mark the start of a new season: autumn in the northern hemisphere and spring in the southern hemisphere. With the Sun in Libra for the next four weeks, a sense of inner peace and balance will accompany all we do. As the sign that rules partnerships, relationships, beauty, and consistency, we will gravitate to the things that make our hearts sing!

It might be challenging to get much done this week, up until the Moon moves into Taurus on Thursday, but we will be to make up for the lost and wasted time under this grounding sign.

Mercury will go retrograde again on Sunday, and with the Moon in Gemini on the very same day, we may discover it difficult to make up our minds or determine what action to take next. Keep in mind, when in doubt, do nothing!

As always, Mercury retrograde may be causing digital issues and electrical glitches, as well as miscommunication, lost e-mails, and misinterpreted text, so be vigilant when you browse the web and make sure to back up any information you just can’t afford to lose. Throughout this time read the small print with terrific care and be more mindful when signing anything, particularly important contracts.

Anticipate hold-ups and scheduling concerns if you have to travel and where possible postpone your trip up until Mercury turns direct on June 22nd. Make sure to practice persistence when problems or setbacks do show up as they do have a function and are created to get your attention and increase awareness.

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