Astrology – Intuitive Forecast (9/27 – 10/3)

This week may start off a little bumpy and continue for the next few weeks. Mercury went retrograde on Monday making it difficult to get much accomplished this week. If you find yourself stalled on a task, your best bet is to switch and do something else for a while, until the energy shifts.

Mercury retrograde is related to confusion, communication problems, delays, technology breakdowns, and great deals of aggravation. So, till late October we can anticipate undelivered e-mails, misunderstandings on social networks, computer issues– and if you have an itinerary ensure you have good insurance! The good news is that our instinct is increased throughout this time, so put it to great use. It is likewise an exceptional time to review the past and release what no longer serves us.

Monday’s Gemini Moon could trigger additional miscommunication under the retrograde influence, so file everything, pay attention, keep your opinions to yourself and stay out of the confusion that is plentiful.

Tuesday through Thursday we’ll slide along more easily under a Cancer Moon, however, this could also provide us the “I do not want to” blues, as we won’t seem like doing much of anything. Don’t worry if you feel the urge to hesitate, as you’ll have the ability to get the pace once again on Friday when the Moon moves into energizing Leo.

Thursday morning’s Cancer Moon trine Venus in Scorpio will be a terrific opportunity to shock your partner with a surprise present or a romantic breakfast in bed. This trine is everything about courtesy, joyful moods, love, and consistency, without a very low risk of arguments and disputes.

Conserve any documentation or comprehensive activities for Sunday, as the Moon will move into Virgo and increase our attention span and recall, making it simpler to access the details or concepts we remain in search of.

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