Breaking The Barrier On Wanting

I’m currently reading a great book written by Lynn Grabhorn called ‘Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting’. Within this book, she lists out fantastic tips on how to move forward in your life. She looks at where you are and then discusses steps on how to break free and move forward to a happier life. 

One part that hit home for me was ‘Breaking the Barrier on Wanting.’ In this section, the author walks through correcting your ‘wants’. Here are a few quick highlights to help you understand ‘wanting’.

Breaking the Barrier of Wanting and Moving Forward:

  • Wanting – Real
    • Wantings from the I Don’t Wants – I don’t want to go to the store; instead, I want this… This starts off as something you don’t want. A real wanting will comes after the don’t want.
  • Wanting – Negative
    • Negative wanting brings on feelings of sadness, anxiety, etc. when they are said. For example, I want to lose weight. If you focus on the negative wants they will never turn into what you truly want. If what you are wanting doesn’t make you feel good then you will know right away it’s a negative want.
  • Wanting- Rightful
    • We have a right to displace any Don’t Want – any Don’t Want in our lives with a Want, at any time. And if it pleases us it will probably also please others. If not, well then so be it. ~Lynn Garbhorn ‘Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting’

As you can see, this book contains great tools and information on how to move forward to a happier life. I highly recommend this book! After all, this is my second time reading it!

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