Jun 21 - Jul 22

All About Cancer:

Cancer’s self-awareness is like the tides in the ocean. They’re continuously moving in and out of focus. Their personality is layered. They have many different moods, some of which are unpredictable, but they also have a deep, core self that perseveres. Cancers are weighed down by their own sorrows and the sadness of those around them. They are frequently haunted by grief. It’s tough for them to share their pain with others.

They are at times afraid to show vulnerability because they fear others will use their weakness against them. Cancers have learned to hide their discomfort to prevent burdening anybody else. They pretend they’re okay when they’re not. Their emotions are like an exposed nerve. They can feel everything. Cancer individuals also hold on to grudges because they struggle to forget the emotional sting of the past. 

Ruled By The 4th House - Home & Family:

The Fourth House is a house of inheritance in its core, and the sign of Cancer here offers a focus on household matters that came into one’s life only to be resolved. This is a position of appreciation, amazing opportunity, and all challenges left in one’s genes. Emotional concerns will be essential, and the heart often won’t go where it is expected to, simply out of the subconscious need to find what was left by other individuals, grandmas and grandfathers who lost something, have been closed up, or were gone before their time.

The most crucial thing a person needs to discover with this position is the love for oneself and the ability to be gentle and filled with empathy for their own needs. It speaks of closeness with the parents of the opposite sex, but also speaks of the absence of it in a tough setting, and the way it affected all close relationships one can build in their adult life.

Ruled By The Moon:

The Moon is the planet that governs our feelings and emotional response to certain events and people. Cancer is the most maternal, empathic, and nurturing sign of the zodiac, and it allows the Moon’s intuitive nature to shine by strengthening instincts and habits. The Moon gives Cancer individual’s a powerful “sixth sense”. Since Cancer energy is so gentle and sensitive, the Moon can be vulnerable and amplify the most basic survival needs such as the need to feel safe, secure, and nurturing. Cancer individual’s also have a very long memory. This gives them the ability to learn from past mistakes. 


“Cancer can be needy in terms of affection which may lead to being overbearing and clinginess. Cancer individuals are also moody, passive-aggressive, and unable to let things go. “

Cancer individuals tend to be quite clingy in terms of affection. They have a rather strong fear of abandonment and they can go to extremes to avoid being left alone. They can also have issues releasing the past. Being deeply sensitive, they forgive, but they always remember.

They can become silent sufferers in the past. They can linger in the past and go back to that scar time and time again, keeping in mind that discomfort and reliving the hurt and pain. When they suffer, they tend to do so alone. Cancer individuals search for security in the convenience of their own solitude. Anything that is painful, insulting, or simply advises them of their insecurities tend to push them back into their shell again.


“Cancer individuals are nurturing, supportive, and compassionate. They would make great partners because they are unconditionally loving.”

Cancer individuals are deeply loving. They are considered one of the most nurturing signs of the zodiac. Their love of security leads them to take relationships very seriously. They have a great sense of commitment to family and friends and will leave everything in the drop of a hat in order to help those they hold close. Cancer individuals love finding joy in sharing what they have, both in their home and the sense of security that they can supply in the form of recommendations, and care. They can suffer deeply when relationships, romantic or otherwise, don’t end well.

They tend to have an odd funny bone, and can often discover humor in scenarios where others don’t see it. This suggests they are excellent to have around when things are not going well. The Cancer zodiac sign will bring with them their natural understanding of how to take care of individuals together with that humor. They are extremely understanding people and make great friends. They are the one sign in the zodiac that other signs gravitate towards throughout moments of sorrow, because of their desire to listen and ability to comprehend.

Love & Relationships:

When it concerns love and relationships, those born under the Cancer zodiac sign love, and love hard. They do not fall quickly into a relationship, as they need to be sure of themselves prior to exposing their emotions. Walking sideways like the crab, they typically avoid direct gestures of interest, hoping that others take the hint. Once they do fall in love, however, they fall deeply and will take relationships very seriously.

When it concerns love, they are searching for a lover that they can develop a home with. They are really committed lovers and anticipate their love to be the same. Cheating is among the worst headaches of the Cancer zodiac sign. They need to feel loved and appreciated. They will have depressive moods if they feel ignored by their partner. In relationships, they are deeply dependent on their partner’s attention, and some of them might battle with problems of codependency.

Issues within a relationship may lead to some compulsive lying in order to secure themselves. When dating someone under the sign of Cancer, it is very important to keep in mind their insecurities and to forgive little transgressions as they are typically rooted in feeling unloved. Reminding them of just how much you value them and how needed they are is essential to the relationship.