Dec 22 - Jan 19

All About Capricorn:

Capricorns are objective and self-disciplined which make some of the best scientists, political leaders, leaders, and teachers. Capricorn individuals find it natural to set objectives, determine their path, and follow-through. They will then work until they have completed what they set out to accomplish. They are understood for being extremely disciplined and patient, keeping their eye on the long-term prize. They have the understanding that what they look for cannot be completed in one day, rather a long journey may be necessary; one that takes commitment and dedication.

Achievement is a very important aspect for these individuals. They frequently take life extremely seriously and fail to comprehend how others do not. They generally have a dry funny bone, which tends to surprise people and capture them off guard. This more humorous side of the mountain goat frequently does reveal that they can find amusement in circumstances that others do not.

Capricorn individuals tend to be very good with numbers and have the natural capability to evaluate both scenarios and individuals. Never the one to be loud and obnoxious, they do tend to be the strong quiet types and are usually the muscle behind numerous strategies and choices. More often, they tend to set about their jobs without feeling the requirement to advertise their achievements.

Ruled By The 10th House - Career & Status:

Ambition isn’t an issue for Capricorns in the tenth house, and they tend to see things clearly. If they make bad decisions due to a lack of energy, then problems can arise in the feelings of guilt made from those decisions. 

These individuals will find that success will indeed come but it will take effort and proper action to do so. This may frustrate some people around them because they may have found an easier way out of the situation. Although this may seem like more of a complex stance, this individual has a full understanding of what is right and wrong allowing them to take responsibility for their own life. 

Ruled By Planet Saturn:

Capricorn has Saturn as its ruling planet. The planet has been named after the Roman God of Agriculture and the founder of civilization, social order, and conformity. It governs numerous elements of an individual’s life, like dreams, aspirations, occupation, power, and hierarchy. Saturn instills in an individual a sense of duty, discipline, and responsibility.

It gives them the strength to bear physical and psychological hardships, without a lot of complaints. Individuals controlled by this planet find themselves with future and long-lasting footing. 


“Capricorn individuals are greedy, fearful, and ruthless. Although they are normally positive, Capricorn’s always put their ability to achieve first. “

Capricorn individuals are greedy, fearful, and ruthless. Although they are normally positive, Capricorn’s always put their ability to achieve first. This may make them seem cold and inflexible. These individuals hate to be wrong, even more so hate to admit when they are wrong.  

They are very stubborn and sometimes refuse to believe facts when they are placed in front of them. If you are stuck on an island with these individuals, it may be difficult. This means they can keep resources or information to themselves to gain an advantage. These individuals are very guarded making it difficult for a Capricorn to trust anyone. They keep their emotions hidden, making them incredibly difficult to read. 


“Capricorns are driven, patient, and strategic in nature. They are hardworking, calm individuals.”

Capricorns are driven, patient, and strategic in nature. They are hardworking, calm individuals; this tends to support their ability to examine things with a cool head. They tend to be very good at seeing through any illusion, psychological, political, or otherwise, and will be straightforward. Most Capricorns find jealousy, anger, and laziness a worthless route towards their goals.Many Capricorns are fantastic to have on your side in an argument. They can argue fiercely with facts others would find tough to deny. They tend to be right most of the time and will fight for what they believe is right. 

Love & Relationships:

Just like a lot of things in their life, Capricorns are rather careful about their love lives. They tend to safeguard their heart and take a while to get close to. 

Many individuals will even try to mask their feelings as a way to analyze the possible risk they may be getting themselves into with a relationship. Trying to understand a Capricorn may seem like an impossible task, they have a ton of layers similar to that of armor. Once you get through one layer you may continue to find multiple layers. 

Once a Capricorn lets down their guard and can establish a sense of security, they can make fantastic partners who work hard at their relationships. With love, they work in the relationship much like any other objective and make incredibly faithful and dedicated partners.Because of this and their career goals, some tend to be referred to as “late-bloomers”.

When a Capricorn individual settles down, they start to finally end up being more secure, establishing roots that bring them a sense of joy and relaxation that they didn’t have in their earlier lives. Sometimes this means that they have a strong need to be financially secure prior to entering a dedicated relationship.

Because of their propensity towards pessimism, they need a partner that stabilizes this with motivation and optimism. If they find a partner they can rely on, this mountain goat will stand by them even in the worst of situations.