Christine’s Weekly Insight — 10/18/21 to 10/24/21

The Full Hunter’s Moon is the perfect time for self-reflection. Be proud of all that you’ve accomplished in your life. You’ve gone through some good and bad experiences, and you need to reflect on them and realize that each of those experiences teaches you a lesson. What lessons did you learn? How did they help you grow?

This week is also a perfect time to start a new project, as your focus will be strong this week. Let your creativity flow. You’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish!

Good news arrives toward the end of the week that will encourage you to work hard toward a stable future. Keep your eyes and ears open, as the universe is about to reward you.

Five of Cups

Five of Cups in the past position can suggest that you may be thinking about a situation or event that happened a long time ago. It was a negative situation that had an impact on you. We frequently reach forks on the road and sometimes we feel the path we chose took us the wrong way.

In life, we typically make mistakes but then don’t stop to understand what the lesson was or how to learn from them. If you really focused on every situation you would see that both good and bad experiences bring valuable lessons. The bad experiences teach us lessons so we won’t repeat the same mistakes in the future. Good experiences normally reward us once we make a decision.

Page of Swords

Page of Swords indicates you are really eager to begin a project or execute an idea you have recently come up with. You are very passionate about it, and you can’t wait to share the development with others. Compared to your passionate heart, time appears to be stalling or standing still. It is time to be talkative. When a Page of Swords appears, it signifies interaction and sharing of ideas. Whether it is someone else’s concepts or yours, it is time to open up and discuss them as long as it is positive and constructive.

Four of Wands

Four of Wands brings good news in the future position. When the Four of Wands is pulled you can expect the future to unfold in a few months at the latest. The future card can mean a few months to years but the Four of Wands pulled shows the future is fast approaching.

Next, it represents good foundations, stability, and celebrations coming up. You are being rewarded for your effort in the decisions and actions you’ve made in the past.

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