Christine’s Weekly Insight 

Christine’s Weekly Insight — 04/04/22 to 04/10/22

Take time out at the beginning of the week to appreciate what the universe has given you. Life may not always be easy, but look at the bigger picture. We’re blessed with so many great things such as; a job, family, friends, pets, a place to live, money to spend, etc. Remember to thank the universe and remain appreciative for all of the abundances in your life.

Finances will be on your mind toward the middle of the week. Stop stressing about it. Money will always come when you need it. Continue to save — even if it’s putting back a little at a time. That little bit you put back here and there will eventually grow into something you’re extremely proud of.

The universe has heard your silent prayers and will give you signs to watch out for toward the end of the week. Something big is on the horizon, and you’re going to get a glimpse into your future. Be mindful of everything that’s going on around you. Open your ears and your eyes. Don’t let the little things distract you, and keep your focus, as this will bring you much luck and joy!

The Empress

The Empress card in the past position represents that you come from a stable background, and your past may have been filled with a lot of love, luxury, and abundance.

Even if wealth wasn’t extreme, you were liked, supported, and valued. The Empress is reminding you to stay connected to your gratitude and always remain appreciative of the abundance in your life.

King of Pentacles

The King of Pentacles represents confidence in financial affairs. As a person, the King shows up as wise and practical with finances. As a situation or a trait, it may mean that you should apply yourself in a practical manner in business to bring about the best results. The tortoise and hare concept works nicely here. For example, practical and slow will be the best move for you.

The Magician

The Magician represents the first steps of a new journey and a glimpse at a bigger picture. It symbolizes potential and all that could come into being. If the Magician shows up in the Future position, it represents your potential – it is full of luck and joy. Focus on your desired outcome, don’t let yourself be distracted, and seek knowledge rather than imagining you already know everything.

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