Christine’s Weekly Insight (5/9/22 – 5/15/22)

Christine’s Weekly Insight — 05/09/22 to 05/15/22

The beginning of the week reminds us that even though we may think we know a lot, there’s always room for growth. The world is full of endless possibilities, and all they’re all there for the taking. This is going to be a good week to learn something new. Perhaps, take a class you’ve always wanted to take, or pick up a new hobby. The time is favorable for you to retain new knowledge so take advantage of it.

We often get so busy with life, that we forget to slow down and spend quality time with the people who love and support us. Take time out this week and enjoy it with your family and friends. Spending time with friends and family rejuvenates the soul, and sets the mind at peace. It refreshes us, and gives us the good energy we need to move forward in life.

Good news is on the horizon, and your life is about to change — and change quickly. This is something you’ve hoped and waited on, and it’s finally coming to fruition. There will be a high level of excitement, and you’ll want to be hasty with decisions, but heed this warning; things will move fast, and you will need to make smart choices. Enjoy the moment you’re in, but even more so, make solid decisions that will affect you in the long term, and not the short term. Moments like these are rare, so enjoy it to the fullest, but be smart about it at the same time.

Page of Wands

Page of Wands in the past position shows you have been in a position where you have learned a lot but you can still learn more. It shows that you have a blank canvas of opportunities around you that you can paint in the color of your choice. This card shows that you have the freedom and liberty of making choices and you can enjoy the youthful energy inside you while exploring a new phase of your life.

Three of Cups

The Three of Cups represents a time of happiness. You will be able to release the worries of your daily life and spend more time with your friends and family. Most often when the Three of Cups shows up it can suggest a happy reunion with a long-lost friend, relative, or loved one. It may also mean a celebration the way for either a loved one or for you. Overall, the Three of Cups is about spending quality time with people you cherish in your life.

Eight of Wands

Eight of Wands in the future position shows that things will change in your life quickly, swiftly, and rapidly. There will be energy, activity, and excitement. This card indicates a strong possibility of air travel. It also shows quick communication like a chat on the web or emails or any other form of electronic communication. This card shows that the environment around will be favorable for you to move quickly towards your targets and goals.

You can roll out various ideas or projects in the direction where you want to reach. You can be spontaneous and you’ll have the energy and enthusiasm. However, don’t be hasty and make decisions wisely. Also, you can expect some news or a surprise today.

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