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‘Daily Insight’ was created to  give guidance for what lies ahead for the day, all the possibilities and possible pitfalls. Though there are a lot of different ‘Daily Insights websites’, on this page you’ll find the guidance you need to help you move forward. 

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Yesterday's Psychic Tip Of The Day

When I pulled the cards for today I felt the need to explain the symbol of the Tiger for the message of today deals with what the Tiger stands for.

Tigers are amazing animals with incredible strength and power. When we come into contact with a picture, movie, poster, etc. of Tigers it may represent something going on in your life that you need to focus on. The Tiger reminds us to take a moment and relax. They urge us to face our fears head-on without worrying about past events or experiences. It's time to face your challenges with a new perspective or new way of thinking.

You hold so much inner power and it's time to acknowledge this. You need to stand tall and proud by being confident in who you are. Release old ways of thinking and move forward by removing challenges or difficulties that might arise. Trust yourself and your intuition.


Today's Psychic Tip Of The Day

Today you need to focus on your intuitive self. The situation requires you to trust yourself. Have you been running in circles with self-doubt? If so, you need to stop this. You know what to do to handle the situation. So why don't you just trust yourself? It will take a little bit of courage but you have that within you already. You need to step up to the plate and be courageous today. Stand up for yourself and your beliefs.


Tomorrow's Psychic Tip Of The Day

When we take time to review our situations we, at times, find we have been captivated by the illusion of the moment. We become so involved with the situation that it seems to almost overtake us. We become part of the situation. The illusion seems to become our reality. We stay within this illusion because we don't know any better and we either enjoy it or we hate it. When we enjoy the moment we hold on to it. When we hate the moment we tend to fester on what the situation was like in the beginning. We also think about the potential it could have in the future if circumstances or individuals change. If this is where you find yourself it's time to wake up...

It's time to see the illusion for what it is and start moving forward. Change is never easy. Change can sometimes present challenges that we feel we might not be strong enough to overcome. Please understand that this negative thinking will not get you anywhere but caught up in the circumstances. You are strong enough to move past this illusion you've found yourself caught within. If you truly want the circumstances or situations to change YOU have to be the one that starts moving forward.

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Nine of Wands
Nine of Wands represents you are facing some ongoing difficulties and challenges. You have been through some tough times and had some hurtful experiences but all your experiences, trials, and troubles have made you a stronger person. Your ambitions are growing and your spirits are high. You have an eye on the enemies and you are ready to take on any challenges before reaching your goals. This card shows that you have strength and power and you are ready to face anything.

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