Daily Insight – Root Chakra & Grounding

8/25/2021 – Root Chakra Blocked (Stability, security, and survival needs)

Chakra Reading Cards by Rachelle Charman

Ashley’s Daily Psychic Insight:

Today is all about the Root Chakra. If you are not familiar with this chakra it is related to stability, security, and our basic needs of survival. This Chakra represents the stability within your life such as food, water, safety, and your emotional needs. This is a sign that your root chakra may be blocked. It’s time to rebalance your chakras and reground yourself.

This can be done by simply walking outside in the grass barefoot or on a beach. Anywhere in nature will work.

Here’s a quick exercise that will help:

Begin by saying, “Mother Earth, please allow me to snuggle my roots deep within yours.”

Take three deep breaths and imagine roots coming out from your feet into the ground. Once they are in the ground Imagine the roots under the dirt grabbing onto the roots from your feet. 

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