9/3/21 Daily Insights – Peace (No Need To Worry) 

9/3/2021 – Peace (No Need To Worry)

Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Ashley’s Daily Psychic Insight:

I’ve once heard that worrying is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do but doesn’t get you anywhere. This saying holds true if you really think about it. Believe me when I say this saying means nothing and something at the same time for me. It’s true I am a true worrier. My husband tells me all the time to get out of my head and just breathe. I find it has become a true pass time of mine to worry about everything there is to worry about.

The negative to worrying is that when we worry we are telling the universe to give us more reasons to worry. The Law of Attraction is universal which in these situations sucks pretty bad. With that all said, it may not be easy to change but it’s possible to refocus and change these worrisome thoughts.

Normally what we worry about doesn’t transpire the way we imagine. It normally doesn’t occur or if it does at a very minimal level compared to what we’ve cooked up in our minds. The kicker to stopping this trend of worrying is when we realize we are in the worrying mindset to stop the thoughts and refocus.

You need to refocus on a happy thought. It could be something as simple as the feeling of eating your favorite food, walking down the beach, being in love, etc. Anything that brings you joy you need to think about. It will not be easy at first but once you start shifting your mindset each time you have a negative thought it will become easier.

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