Daily Reading – Its Time To Play

When was the last time you went outside for a walk out in nature? When was the last time you smiled or laughed watching a really good movie? When was the last time you truly had fun? Today is a day to not only remember all of the good times you had but also to create new memories. Today you need to remember what it was like to smile and laugh. You need to begin allowing yourself to be happy. When we get so involved in every day we forget to have fun. We forget what it’s like to relax and smile. So today take time out of your busy schedule to just relax, breathe, and let go.

Chakra Reading Cards by Rachelle Charman (Charman, Chakra Reading Cards, p.65)

Check out our trip to the Mansfield Reformatory! It was as scary as people claimed it would be!

Mansfield Reformatory Part 1 

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