Daily Reading – Monday (11/15) Compassion and Resilience

Today you need to give yourself a little more credit and compassion. These last few months have been difficult and ever-changing. Please understand that even as the seasons change the circumstances, events, people, and relationships within our lives can change as well. We all go through stages of life that require us to be challenged and transformed.

Each time we are given obstacles or challenges that may seem difficult know that it was not meant to break us down. They were meant to build us up. Each day we live and we grow. Think of each obstacle as a stepping stone. We are building up to who we are meant to become. We are becoming not only resilient but powerful in who we are as individuals.

So as you are given the opportunity to grow and transform, even when it seems difficult, show gratitude. The universe, God, Angels, whoever you believe in, sees you. They know you and they understand how you need to grow and thrive. In time you will see it too. So stay strong and know that you have the power to overcome whatever life throws at you.

Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. (Virtue, Archangel Oracle Cards, p 32) & Mystical Wisdom Card Deck Written by Gaye Guthrie & Art by Josephine Wall (Guthrie, Mystical Wisdom, p.49)

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