Daily Reading – More Compassion and Self Love is Needed Today

Today is a good day to just breathe and relax. Take time out to listen to calming music, meditate or go for a walk. You need to understand that everything is going to be okay given your situation or circumstance. Be easy on yourself and just take time out to reflex on the situation. 

 I know situations can be difficult especially if you feel like the events that are happening around you are uncontrollable. When this happens it’s best to just breathe and take a moment to look at the bigger picture. If you have no control in that instance, ask yourself what do you have control over? You can control your reaction, your response, and how you hold yourself. Stay strong and give yourself a little extra love and compassion today. Everything will be okay. 

Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue, PH.D (Virtue, Archangel Oracle Cards, p. 31 & 32)

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