Daily Reading – Personal Power

It is easy to get lost in the everyday hustle of trying to get everything prepared when the holiday are approaching. We even tend to forget about our own self-love and honor. We concern ourselves with our outward appearance or how we handle ourselves when family, friends, or loved ones are around. 

We tend to give away our own personal power without acknowledging that’s what we are doing. It could be the anxiety we allow within our minds whether it’s meeting the parents for the first time or sitting around a table with what we feel to be the judging eyes of those around us. The reading today is to take back your personal power. Stop allowing what “you think” others are saying about you to enter your mind and create self-doubt. The decisions you make or have made have not defined you but given you an experience. So don’t let the judgment of others define you and how you think about yourself. It’s time now to take back your power and allow your soul to shine in all its greatness. 

Chakra Reading Cards by Rachelle Charman (Charman, Chakra Reading Cards, p.49 & 51)

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