Different Types of Spirit Guides & How to Talk to Them

As an Intuitive Reader and Medium, I utilize the help from my spirit team in every reading. It was not easy at first to connect but with practice, I was able to make it more like a habit when doing readings. Now in every reading, I know I can count on my spirit team to be there. In this article, we will explain the different types of spirit guides and how to connect to each one.

Some spirit guides have been with you for your whole life, even given that prior to when you were born. Others came on your team as you needed them at different times in your life, and you can utilize your free choice to request more spirit guides still. Here’s how to identify your distinct guides, open yourself up to their wisdom, and interact with the different kinds of guides at any time.

Your spiritual team can consist of the following guides:

  1. Archangels – Leaders in the angel world and have a powerful, huge energy signature. If you’re an empath or are sensitive to energy, when you get in touch with an archangel you might feel an energy shift in the space. Each archangel has a specialized skill.
  2. Guardian angels – The angels are yours exclusively, and we each have more than one. Guardian angels have dedicated their lives to helping simply you. Call on them anytime for instant support. They enjoy you unconditionally, permanently. Bear in mind that angels are nondenominational and work with individuals of all faiths and spiritual beliefs.
  3. Spirit animals – Could be a family pet who passed away and is now part of your spiritual guidance squad. Spirit animals can also be any animal that has something to teach you, like the peacock teaching you the importance of charm or with confidence owning your presents, or the wolf showing you the significance of getting your survival requirements met.
  4. Ascended masters (Buddha, Jesus, or Mother Mary) – were once human, living journeys of deep spiritual growth and influence. Now they have a unique place as leaders in the spirit world and as guides/teachers to humans like you.
  5. Departed loved ones – Family or loved ones who have passed actively support you from above by assisting you by sending advice to help you move forward.
  6. Helper angels – Help aid human beings with specific scenarios, like discovering new friends or discovering new projects.

Now that you have a good idea of who the spirit teams can consist of let’s chat about how you connect to them.

Prior to connecting to any spirit or guide I STRONGLY suggest you place protection and ground yourself. There are plenty of ways to do this. One quick way is to ask the angels to surround you with white light and leave it over you the entire day. Another way is to ask Mother Earth to allow you to snuggle your branches deep within hers. You would then imagine roots coming from your feet to the core of the earth.

Ways to Connect to Spirit

  • Be Present – Part of getting more guidance from your spirit guides is acknowledging the messages they are already sending out. In some cases, the messages our guides send are lost on us due to the truth that our lives are too chaotic or our minds are too busy.  
    • How To: Attempt opening up some space in your schedule or taking some duties off your plate, if possible. When you’re not hurrying around, you’ll notice more messages from your guides. Help peaceful your mind by finding a meditation practice that works for you so you can get better at producing more location in between your thoughts.
  • Look for signs consistently through the day from your guides. The more you look for signs from your guides, the more you’ll recognize the indications they send. But something else wonderful happens too– as your guides sense you are more familiar with them and their helpful messages, they will send more.
    • How To: Advise yourself on your train commute to work or while you’re showering in the early morning that every day your guides are sending you messages. If you’re attempting to make a major choice, or you’re going through big modifications or obstacles, expect the assistance coming at you to increase to help you search this situation.
  • Start writing in a journal. Get a unique journal and dedicate it entirely to increasing communication between you and your guides. This is a sacred place where you can write your guides a letter and ask them for support in particular ways. While your guides understand you and your life well, it can be powerful to utilize your free choice to demand help and guidance. You can likewise use this journal to tape-record any necessary indications they send out. 
    • How To: Compose your guides a letter at the start of the week and reveal gratitude for a sentence or more about anything in your life you think they have in fact assisted with recently. Then invest a few sentences asking for aid or guidance on a specific problem. For the remainder of the week, anticipate synchronicities from your guides concerning this concern.
  • Ask for guidance from your guides. When you’re dissatisfied about a circumstance, puzzled about the absolute best next action, or feeling that you do not have adequate control, surrender a problem over to your guides. Even if it’s just to provide yourself a little break. This can allow fresh insights to come to you along with let your guides have more liberty to do their thing and aid. 
    • How To: Practice energetically launching a concern to your guides, possibly just momentarily. Try to tranquil your mind instead of strategizing and stressing. Utilize a mantra like, “I’m surrendering this concern over to my guides to see what they can do.
  • Boost your intuition. Everyone has instinct, and everyone can improve their intuition with research study and practice. There are truly four main instinctive courses that you can play with and establish. You can hear mild voices in your mind (clairaudience); see guidance as images in your mind (clairvoyance); comprehend help as advancement thoughts or mental downloads (claircognizance); or feel guidance as energy, emotions, or physical experiences (clairsentience). 
    • How To: Practice using your instinct to make small decisions the outcome of which aren’t a big deal, like where to choose lunch with a colleague. You can also play a game with your intuition today by asking it which method here you need to emphasize to communicate more with your spirit guides. Request a number between 1 and 10. Did you hear a number in your mind, see a number in your mind, have a strong understanding of a number as an idea, or feel drawn to a particular number when you remembered over this list? 
  • Establish a spiritual routine. Spirit guides are of the spirit world and have a powerful capability to ground you in your own spirituality or help you discover it. Having regular spiritual practices– like drawing an oracle card every morning for motivation, taking a meditative yoga class when a week, or taking part in a spiritual occasion once a month with other individuals– will establish more intimacy with your spirit guides.
    • How To: Do something in the next couple of weeks, like a new moon or moon ritual, to produce more regular spiritual practices in your life. You can similarly make a list of some of your essential spiritual beliefs. For example, you might have a strong belief that the soul resides on after the body passes away, or feel closer to Spirit whenever you hang around in nature.
  • Use spiritual tools to assist. Humans have actually been making use of prophecy tools to engage with Spirit for as long as human beings have really been around. Oracle cards, tarot cards, runes … there are numerous prophecy tools. Try numerous approaches and see what works best for you.
    • How To: Prior to you handle your prophecy tool, take your cards or anything else in your hands and hold them for a minute, closing your eyes and taking a couple of deep breaths to center yourself. Then calmly ask your spirit guides to send you an important, recovery message through this tool.

Remember with all things, great skill started with tons of practice. My best advice for you when trying to connect to your guides is to Practice, Practice, Practice!

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