Do You Have Clairalience? 7 Unmistakable Clairalient Signs

Have you always noticed smells in the air, powerful or faint? What about smells that don’t seem to make sense or have a proper source, like cigarette smoke when no one is smoking nearby, or unknown perfume when it’s just you in your home?

These may be signs that you possess clairalience, a psychically linked sense of smell. Also known as clairolfaction, clairosmesis, or clairessence, these words are derived from the direct French translation meaning ‘clear smelling’.

Clairalience is directly linked to clairgustance, which means ‘clear tasting’. These two psychic abilities often work together to heighten your senses and allow you to notice certain smells you may not have noticed before.

Possessing this ability means many things, but what is clairalience exactly? Let’s learn about it together!


An offshoot of the clairsentience gift, those with clairalience can smell their way into a situation. Defined as ‘clear smelling,’ this clair sense allows one to invoke memory, emotion, and even see the future based on a smell that one takes in through the senses.

clairalience meaning

Just like psychic vision or taste, clairalience is an often neglected intuitive sense, but it can be developed. Some people may be predisposed to clairalience, or perhaps more in tune than others

It may be hard to tell if you are inherently clairalient, but don’t worry! All of your senses and intuitions can be developed so that you too can get a sense of what it means to be clairalient.


Clairalience is a commonly noticed ability in certain situations. For example, many paranormal investigators report smelling sulfur when investigating spirits, loved ones who passed away, or other paranormal phenomena. This is an example of clairalience, but maybe not an example you’ve experienced for yourself.

The average experience with clairalience usually happens shortly after a loved one has passed away, and this loved one may be reaching out to you through your sense of smell.

clairalient signs

If you have noticed the smell of a deceased loved one’s cigarettes, favorite candle, perfume, or other defining scents, this may be a sign of both your own personal clairalience at work as well as your loved one’s desire to reach out to you.

Clairalience also involves smelling things that have yet to happen, meaning a heightened sense of smell when it comes to diseases or illnesses.

Clairalience is often brought up when mentioning dogs that are capable of smelling different types of cancers. Dogs have been able to sense terminal illnesses or diseases in humans due to their heightened senses, especially their own sense of smell!

clairalience signs

Humans can have this ability as well, and many people with clairalience report being able to smell illness or disease in others. Usually, a particular scent accompanies this, such as rotten fruit or chemicals, but it is different for everyone.


So you’re unsure whether or not you’re clairalient or have had an experience with clairalience? It is hard to tell and feels like an intuitive sense that may not be fully developed in you yet. And that’s okay! You are in the right place to begin your clairalience journey.

Here are some easy signs to consider when thinking about your own clairalient abilities.


A natural sign of clairalience is a highly developed sense of smell. This may also go hand in hand with a highly developed sense of taste, given that our sense of taste and smell are directly linked!

clairalient girl smelling

If you have noticed your sense of smell is heightened or more developed than the sense of smell of those around you, you may be more clairaliant than your peers.

Try to pay attention to these moments of powerful smells and remember what it feels like to be in these moments.


As mentioned earlier, a sure sign of clairalience is recognizing and smelling a distinctive scent of a departed loved one.

Your deceased family members or friends may be trying to reach out to you and comfort you after their passing, and smell is one of the senses our angels or spirits tend to utilize.

signs of clairalience

This is the most common instance of clairalience reported. Most people first notice their clairaliant abilities when it comes to smelling a scent they thought they would never smell again, and it is often comforting and familiar.

Your loved ones want you to know they are there for you, whether in life or death.


Have you ever been out with a group of friends or family and smelled something strange? Maybe you’ve brought it up at the table or in the group, but no one else seems to know what you’re smelling or talking about.

This is often a clear sign of clairalience. Your intuition is more heightened than others, and perhaps you are smelling a message from your angels or team of spirits watching out for you.

Whatever the smell may be, you aren’t alone or strange! Just because you notice a sudden smell that no one else around you seems to notice doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Take a moment to really try and figure out what the smell might be, and maybe read up on why it might have occurred.


There are many superstitions involving sneezing, including sneezing when someone in the world is talking about you. If you find yourself overwhelmed with sneezing and you can’t seem to figure out why this may be a sign of clairalience rather than an allergy attack.

sign of clairalience

Your spirits or angels may be trying to reach you not through a particular scent but through direct contact with your sense of smell. Certainly, a bout of sneezing will get your attention, and that’s exactly what your angels are trying to do!

Pay attention, try to figure out what it might mean as best as you can. It may just be a bit of dust in your nose, but you never know!


Just like you may have smelled something in a group of friends that no one else can smell, you may have had an experience where you smell something that isn’t physically present.

For example, why would you get an overwhelming smell of mouthwash in the middle of a coffee shop? There’s no explanation, except that someone or something is reaching out with a sign for you.

Smelling something that you can’t physically see is a clear sign of clairalience, and a highly developed sense of it at that! You may be able to smell much more than things or foods. You may be able to sense how someone is feeling or if someone is ill using these developed senses.

Smelling something that isn’t present physically is important, and you should take stock of whatever the smell is when this happens. It might be very revealing if you keep track of when and why you can smell something that isn’t physically there.


Much like smelling something powerful that isn’t physically there, you may be experiencing smells that you don’t recognize or can’t identify right away. Some of these smells may be abstract or extremely specific.

Most people with clairalience experience smells that they can’t identify when it comes to other people’s moods or energy.

Being able to smell how someone might be feeling sounds impossible, but those with highly developed senses of clairalience experience this! And often the smells are ones that they do not recognize or don’t have names yet.

journaling about clairalience

It is important to catalog these scents and pay attention when you smell them. Does the smell occur when you are spending time with a specific person? How about only in a specific place? Does it have to do with the season or time of day? Journaling about your experiences might help to give you new insights.

There’s a lot to sift through if you’re hoping for more specific answers, but hopefully tracking the smell and when or where it manifests will help in your clairaliant journey!


Strengthening your clairalience is a long but rewarding process. Whether you have an inherent ability already and are hoping to further develop it, or you’re just beginning to develop your sense of smell, here are some beginner tips for how to strengthen your clairalient abilities!

Meditate on smells you are already familiar with

Avoid smoking or other activities that dull your sense of smell and taste

Try to imagine familiar smells without the smell in the room

Smell more things! The more smells you know, the more you will recognize

Practice clairalience with those closest to you by observing their smells and moods. Tell them what you smell and have them practice with you too

Meditate and open your chakras, specifically your throat chakra (directly linked to your sense of smell

It may take some time, but you will be surprised how much you will be able to glean when before you had no clue what you were smelling!


Whether you are hoping to improve your skills as a medium or simply want to smell the roses, improving your inherent clairalient ability is a good idea. Here are some of the benefits you can experience when you choose to tap into your sense of smell.


Smell is linked to memory more than any other sense. Smelling even the simplest thing can send you down memory lane with very little prompting. My most vivid memories always have a smell attached, whether good or bad.

Recalling lost memories is most often done using scents and familiar smells. If you are clairalient, you may find this a valuable skill in your own mindfulness journeys and meditations. Hoping to remember a time that made you happy?

benefits of clairalience

Using clairalience, you could replicate a smell and keep it in your pocket or on your altar. Perhaps the smell of fresh-baked cookies, aftershave, or a specific essential oil. Something to breathe in whenever you need a pick me up!


Diffusers and oils are often used in meditation. The best massages I’ve ever had have used relaxing essential oils and then allow me to contemplate, meditate, and revive my senses.

developing clairalience with meditation

Using certain smells while meditating may help you reach a more heightened sense of peace or comfort, as well as awareness.

You may wish to experiment with different smells while meditating, such as eucalyptus, lavender, and chamomile. Your clairalience will only heighten while meditating and focusing upon it, and you may find new and exciting ways of opening your mind.


Not only will your sense of smell improve, but you may find that your other intuitive senses improve along with your clairalience. You may find yourself more able to sense danger, fear in others, or spirits and ghosts.

Clairalience allows our sense of smell to broaden much farther than surface smells. As you go deeper, you may realize you’re smelling new things and feeling these smells as part of your intuition.

developing clairalience

Have you noticed a sour smell and realized someone close to you is anxious about something? Does it smell like iron right before something goes wrong?

Just like you may be able to smell illnesses in others, your clairalience can be used to moderate social situations. If you are able to sense tension or danger, fear and sadness, your intuition can be used to heal and help any situation.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to simply smell what someone might be going through and help accordingly, instead of bothering them at a bad time?


Clairalience isn’t something to take for granted, though you may not even be aware of how strong your senses are. If you find yourself unsure about moments you’ve smelled something odd, chances are you’ve had a clairalient experience.

Pay attention to these moments, and don’t be afraid to keep a journal or record of when and why you notice certain smells. You may be pleasantly surprised by your intuition and abilities!

Have you ever experienced clairalience? Tell us about it in the comments!

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