Dream Symbol – Baby

Let’s be honest with each other…. who wouldn’t love to squish little chubby baby cheeks?! Baby’s are so just so stinking cute!

Dreaming of a baby represents innocence and new beginnings. Also, dreaming of babies reflect back to you your own inner nature that is pure and vulnerable. The dream might be a suggestion that it is time for you to get that old interest, hobby, or project once again.

Dream Meanings Of Babies:

  • Seeing a baby – Its time to get in touch with your inner child
  • Seeing a baby crying – You are in need of comfort and nurturing. Your inner child is crying out and trying to get you to pay attention to your unfulfilled goals
  • Holding a baby – Your mind is thinking back to a time when you felt needed
  • Having a baby – You are starting a new chapter in your life
  • Finding a baby – You are making peace with yourself and accepting who you are (talents, hidden potential, etc.)
  • Forgetting a baby – Rediscovering a piece of yourself or you are attempting to hide your vulnerabilities
  • Finding an evil baby – You are afraid or nervous of a new beginning in your waking life

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