Dream Symbol – Being Naked

You know that feeling when you are walking through the grocery store or at work and you get a sudden chill? You then look down and notice you don’t have any clothes on. Or the moment when you are giving a speech and you find yourself without clothes or the audience without theirs! 

Who’s heart doesn’t drop at the thought of that?! Good thing these are only dreams, right! 

(Let’s hope it was just a dream! Disclaimer, please don’t leave the house without clothes on this makes things uncomfortable and a little weird!)

When we dream of being naked, most of the time, it represents embarrassment or a type of vulnerability. The subconscious mind may be showing us that we have a fear of how others see us. It shows that we lack confidence in who we are. We aren’t allowing our true selves to shine through. We are holding back. 

Dream Meanings of Being Naked:

  • Feeling of embarrassment: Situation in your waking life where you feel like you want to hide or not be seen. 
    • Advice – You should believe in yourself more. Confidence works wonders in the business world as well as in relationships. Maybe it’s time to ask yourself why you feel the way you do? Why are you letting things get to you? What is it helping?
  • People don’t care that you are naked: Your subconscious mind letting you know that you shouldn’t worry about a situation in your waking life.
    •   Advice – It’s not that big of a deal to the mind so stop making it a big deal in reality.
  • Enjoy the feeling of being naked: You’ve made a big breakthrough in your life. You might feel more open and honest with others as well as with yourself. 
    • Advice – Keep moving forward. You might have been holding on to something but you have released it and you’re ready to move forward.
  • Half naked: Focus on the part of the body where you weren’t wearing clothes. If you didn’t have a top on that means you need to release something you’ve been holding close to the chest. If you didn’t have pants on you may feel out of control or vulnerable in your waking life. 
    • Advice – Focus on what body parts are uncovered in the dream then work to release those feelings in your waking life. If you feel out of control, what steps can you take to put your pants back on (side joke)?
  • Someone else nake: This depends on who was naked. Do you know the person or they a stranger? If you know them it represents your acceptance of how they have opened themselves up to you. If it was a stranger it represents the feeling of being judged on a personal level. 
    • Advice – This may be a positive or negative dream. Focus on who you see the person as. If it’s you then you need to review why you may be feeling judged and release those insecurities. Remember it’s none of your business what people think of you. Let them think what they will and move on with your day. Normally those that judges are focusing on shadow aspects within themselves.

Overall, dreams of nudity represent feelings of embarrassment. You can prevent these types of dreams if you start to focus on ways to build up your confidence. I’ve added a small video to help you with this. 

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