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When I think of birds I think of a few different kinds. For example,  Mockingbirds come immediately to mind. I find it fascinating how they mimic the sounds of birds and frogs around them.  Another bird I think of is the Sandhill Crane. First things first, it should be noted that these birds are protected in Florida. All I have to say about them is these are some of the meanest birds I’ve ever come across. 

Here’s some helpful advice when you come across these birds. If find yourself face to face with these birds when you walk out your door do not make direct eye contact. You should just turn around and walk quickly away. If you don’t these birds will run after you. Unfortunately, my lab and I experienced this first hand. We ended up having to run around our house to get in the back door because the canes were guarding the front door. I guess, in hindsight, they are doing a good job at keeping people away from the front door. Neighborhood watch at its finest!

Flying right into the topic at hand, birds symbolize peace, communication, and freedom (and security in some instances). They also represent our lives and the path we are heading towards spiritually. Birds can also symbolize happiness, spiritual power, and messages from past loved ones.

Additional Meanings of Birds

  • Birds Chirping – Birds chirping is a symbol of love and peace. It also represents the beginning of a great experience in your waking life.
    • Advice – Take the birds singing as a sign that a heavy burden will soon be lifted off your shoulders. You can now breathe easily.
  • Bird Egg – If the bird was laying an egg then there may be a slight delay in the success of a project or process you have been working on or with. If the eggs are in a nest then you can expect your dreams to come true. 
    • Advice – This dream shows that you must be patient. Everything will happen for you it will just be at the right moment.
  • Caged Bird – There is a possibility that a challenge or obstacle will soon be in your waking life. 
    • Advice – Life is full of great ups and downs. We must go into the day with the thought that we have everything we need to face all the good and bad the day may offer. This is only a phase and it will pass.
  • Killing Birds – You are responsible for everything that happens within your life. This is a sign that you should pay attention to how you act and treat other people in your waking life. 
    • Advice – How we treat others is a reflection of how we treat ourselves. Take a moment and think about how you treat your life. Are you happy, sad, worry, or anxious? You have to start seeing the good in everything including yourself. Every situation has a flip side. Every situation has something positive even if it doesn’t seem like it at the moment.
  • Dead Bird – When we experience death in a dream it means the end of something has occurred. Although a dead bird may seem upsetting to you in your dream it serves as a shift from the old to something new.
    •  Advice – This is a sign that something positive will come into your life once the end of something has taken place. It might hurt at the moment but understand something great is about to make its way to you.

Colors of the Bird In A Dream

  • Blue Bird – These beautiful birds represent peace, love, and honesty. You may be very committed to a project or task you are working on.
  • Purple (or Violet) Birds – This color is related to the spiritual side of yourself along with calmness, thinking ability, and enlightenment. There may be a moment where you are enlightened about something in your waking life.
  • Red Birds – These birds normally represent a positive omen. You may be getting ready to celebrate a special event such as a wedding, birthday, etc. It may also represent a departed family member or friend visiting you.
  • White Birds – White birds represent peace and joy. There may be a new phase of life you may experience shortly. These moments will be joyful and bring peace.
  • Yellow Birds – Yellow birds represent power and enjoyment. You will experience fun times soon.
  • Black Bird – You may not be aware of your full potential and show no interest in growing yourself. Maybe you should reconsider why you feel this. Are you too comfortable in your current position? If so, understand that you won’t be able to level up unless you shake some things up.
  • Green Bird – You may be surprised with a large amount of money that will soon come your way.

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