Dream Symbol – Cats

It’s not uncommon to have dreams about cats. Like most animal symbols the cats meaning may differ depending on how the dreamer feels about the animal. For example, I don’t mind cats. I think they are cute and have interesting personalities. My husband, however, hates cats. When asked why he doesn’t like cats he responds with, “You can’t trust cats. One minute they love you the next they want to claw your eyes out.”

This goes to show not everyone feels the same about these animals. The same goes for dreaming. Dreaming of cats can have a negative or positive meaning.

Positive Dream Meaning of Cats:

  • Cats have an amazing ability to see clearly in the dark. It may signify the dreamer has a keen ability to see things in front of them. In reverse, it could be the dreamer should start to focus on what is in front of them to understand it better.
  • Rebirth and lifespan speak to living your life to the fullest as a cat would with all nine lives.
  • Dreaming of cats can symbolize the strong and powerful ability within you to fight against all the odds

Negative Dream Meanings of Cats:

  • Cats can symbolize bad luck in some instances by highlighting people around you that may show up as fake or dishonest. It could be seen as a sign to alert you to stay clear of someone surrounding you in the waking life who are hiding who they truly are.
  • Seeing a cat in your dream could be a wake-up call to look at your life. Are you on a positive path or should you examine your life closer and take action to make changes.
  • It signifies danger and harm. In this regard, dreaming about cats means bad luck. Even seeing many cats in dreams signifies unfaithful friends and false people surrounding you.

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