Dream Symbol – Clouds

Have you ever looked up at the sky in your dreams and noticed the clouds? Are the clouds rolling in over the ocean with lightning striking down into the water below? Is it sunny with a few clouds in the sky? If you’ve ever been curious to know what the different forms of clouds mean in your dreams, let me take a moment to enlighten you.

When we dream of clouds they focus on our mood and frame of mind. Are you happy, sad, angry, or worried? The cloud that appears in your dreams is an exact representation of the mood you are in. The colors can also tell us about our state of mind. The color could symbolize the amount of stress, anxiety, hopes, and dreams you have in your waking life. Clouds can also represent growth and development. If the clouds bring rain, for example, symbolize a time of change and worry.

Additional Meanings Of Clouds:

  • White Clouds – Symbolize joy and happiness in your waking life. You will soon find that things in life will seem to come easier.
  • Clouds Moving – An important event or occurrence is entering your life or thoughts.
  • Storm Clouds – You have a fierce temper and possibly depression.
  • Clouds Moving to Allow Sunlight – Worry and fears will soon be clearing away to allow in more wisdom on who you are and what’s been holding you back from moving forward.
  • Clouds Coving the Sunlight – You have blockages that are suppressing your genuine self. You are, in a sense, being who everyone wants you to be without being who you truly are.
  • Grey Clouds – Your state of mind holds worry and anxiety.
  • Raining from Clouds – You may feel exhausted in the waking life.
  • Black Clouds – Challenging situations are in your life or on the way.

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