Dream Symbol – Death

Death is a topic not many like to speak about. It brings forward emotions that can be hard to deal with or even understand. With such as strong topic I will jump right to the meaning behind dreaming of death. 

Most fear that when we dream of death it’s a sign of our impending doom. Do me a quick favor and take a breather… it’s more than likely not the case. 

When you imagine your own death it represents inner modifications, change, and self-discovery taking place within you or your life. You are going through a transitional phase and are ending up being more informed or spiritual. You are moving forward by making a new start and leaving the past behind. Dreams of death are normally due to life-changing events happening in your life such as the following

Dreams of Death Are Due To Life-Changing Events:

  • Getting married
  • Getting divorced
  • Being promoted
  • Moving you or your family to a new location
  • Starting a new job

Overall, death dreams normally stand for a positive change or transitional phase within your life. Something is ending so something new can begin.

If you know of other possible meanings of death within a dream post them below. 


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