Dream Symbol – Falling

Picture this for a moment, you close your eyes to fall asleep. When you open your eyes you look around and notice you are on the edge of a cliff. You don’t know how you got there or how to get down. A rush of panic sets in as you glance over the edge of the cliff. To your horror, your shoes begin to lose traction and you begin to fall. 

You try to grab whatever is in sight but nothing is there to aid you. All you feel now is the feeling of the wind blowing through your hair and clothes. You look around and notice the ground is now only a few feet away. You close your eyes and wait for the impact. 

I don’t know about you but these dreams get my heart racing. The thought of free falling with nothing there to catch you is scary! The fear of losing control and not being able to stop the inevitable is next level. When we have these dreams they represent those exact feelings of anxieties, insecurities, and a loss of control. It may be showing you that you are holding on to something in your waking life that does not serve your best intentions or interests. You need to learn to relax and let go of some control to help you feel more at ease. 

Additional Dream Meanings of Falling:

  • Falling From A Building – Represents the loss of control. 
    • Advice – Take a deep breath and focus on projects, relationships, or ideas where you may feel like you are losing control. Focus on why you feel this way in this situation. Take small steps to try and gain back control or move away from the project or relationship. 
  • Someone Else Falling – May represent a relationship or person that lost control or another forced pulled them away. 
    • Advice – focus on who it was in the dream that was falling. This will give you a hint as to who you may have lost contact with. If you are not able to help the person in the dream it could reflect the feeling of being helpless in how they left your life. 
  • Losing Your Grip – Represents the lack of grounding in your waking life.
    • Advice – You may need to review your waking life to understand where you feel out of control or like you are hanging on. You need begin adding people to your life that can help you become more focused and centered. 
  • Holding On – You are trying to fix a situation in your waking life but find you have no control in the overall situation. 
    • Advice – Take deep breath and know that everything that happens to us has a purpose for it. Even in this moment it may not make sense but you will be okay. Maybe start saying the following affirmations. Everything is happening for my best and highest good in this situation. Only good will come from this and I am safe. 
  • Slipping – You have a fear or anxiety about failing or slipping up in a current situation. 
    • Advice – Life lessons tell us that in order to grow we may fail. If you never fail then you wont appreciate the lessons learned. You wont know how to rise in the future. Take this dream not as a warning but as a sign that you are learning to grow and transform. Its okay to fail. What’s important is getting back up after you do. 
  • Falling Down A Staircase –  You have or may experience a set back in your waking life. 
    • Advice – Refocus when you are challenged in a situation. Understand that you have everything you need inorder to overcome the situation. All you have to do is refocus, take a step back, and re-evaluate. 

If you have other meanings place them in the comments!

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