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While walking my dog (aka trying to walk my dog while he runs after bees, butterflies, or any other kind of flying insect), I came across a few feathers on the sidewalk. They were dark in color and felt so random. The thought came to my mind, Folklore says when you come across a feather it has a specific meaning. I wonder what this means for me! My curious self decided to look into the meaning of feathers in our dreams and waking life.

Although different religions believe different things about feathers, the general meaning is protection, comfort, ease, and possible financial gains. If we find a feather it could mean there are messages for you related to healing and teaching. It may mean that you need to clear the negative energy you hold in your energy field and focus more on the positive aspects of your life.

Additional Dream Meanings With Feathers

  • Growing feathers: You are coming to the understanding of your potential and gathering inspiration.
    • Advice: Pay attention to how the feathers present themselves. If the feathers are not in a good condition this may mean you are being ridiculed about your projects, work, or appearance. When you are faced with these situations know that people can only have power over you if you allow them to. Stand your ground with confidence in who you are.
  • Dreams of plucking feathers: The dream may reflect anxiety that you hold about others and how they present themselves. You are “plucking” the flaws off of them. 
    • Advice: Focus on the person in the dream and why you are jealous or hold anxiety towards them.
  • If you receive a feather: You will gain freedom or inspiration from some outside source. You are able to move forward and create great works of art from this. 
    • Advice: You are very gifted, nows is the time to accept that and move forward to create amazing projects.
  • You are wearing a feather necklace: You should count your blessings. 
    • Advice: Each day when you wake up pick 5 things you are grateful for. This will not only help you have a more positive day but it will activate the Law of Attraction. If you are grateful for it more of what you are grateful for will come your way.
  • Dreaming of a featherless bird: You may be vulnerable due to freedoms that have been taken away or the fear that they will be taken away. You are fearful of your ability to remain free. 
    • Advice: Take a deep breath. Focus on why you feel like your freedoms are being taken away in your waking life. Once you have this understanding it’s time to start working through the ‘how to make it better’. What steps need to be taken to start gaining your freedom back? The last step is to move in that direction.
  • Angel Feathers in your dream: These feathers show up when you are moving towards your goals and aspirations. 
    • Advice: You may soon come across your higher calling in your waking life. This is exciting get ready for everything to fall into place.
  • Dream about a feather tattoo: You are taking on too much and are yearning to be ‘light as a feather’. 
    • Advice: Instead of keeping everything inside maybe you should consider investing in a journal. This will help empty the mind.

Feather Colors & Their Meanings

  • White Feather: Dreaming of a white feather shows peace and comfort. 
    • Advice: Your mind is looking for peace and guidance. Take time out to reflect on things going on in your life that may be causing chaos. Once you have figured it out try to find solutions on how to move past them.
  • Black Feathers: Dreaming of a black feather symbolizes protection. 
    • Advice: You may have people or things in your life that are causing you to feel the need for protection. Understand what these things are and start moving them out of your life.
  • Purpler Feather: Change is on its way. 
    • Advice: Change isn’t easy but it can be fun and exciting. Get prepared because change is on its way to your waking life.
  • Blue Feather: You may be going through a difficult time right now. Your mind is looking for everything to be okay. 
    • Advice: Take a deep breath and know that everything happens for a reason. It may be difficult now but in the long run, it may be the best thing that happened to you. Start focusing on the positive side of the situation.
  • Green Feather: Who doesn’t like money? Dreaming of a green feather shows wealth and security is on its way to your waking life.
    • Advice: You may have just come into wealth or it’s on its way. Regardless, it’s time to breathe easy.

As you can see this dream symbol has a ton of different meanings. My overall guidance is to focus on the feeling you get from the dream and move forward from there.

Have any other dream meanings leave a comment below!

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