Dream Symbol – Fish

Who doesn’t love a good fishing trip, snorkeling with friends, or deep-sea diving? I love going on fishing trips with my family. Of course, I don’t actually touch the fish. I will cast the line but that is all. I refuse to touch the worm or the fish. The thought of the slimy scaly fish grosses me out! Not to mention the fact that some fish bite. Yeah, side note, you might want to watch your fingers around alligator gar. They bite!

On to the topic at hand! Fish represent spiritual alignment, development, nourishment, and vitality. When fish appear in your dreams it is reminding you that you have immense psychic and spiritual powers to manifest your inmost desires and goals if you are hardworking and devoted to achieving your dreams.

Dream Meaning Of Fish:

  • Catching a fish – A successful endeavor is on its way to your waking life (new job, marriage, new business, etc.)
  • Dead fish – Your body may be giving you hints that it’s exhausted or sick. It may also mean an end of a personal relationship
  • Eating a large fish – Financial gain or new investments
  • Eating raw fish – You may be in a bad situation you are trying to rise above
  • A fish eats you – Keep an eye out for the people around you that don’t have the best intentions in mind
  • Big fish – You are being tested in your waking life. You need to set boundaries and release any negativity around you
  • Cooking a fish – This is a very negative sign that represents challenges on the way to your waking life

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