Dream Symbol – Flood

Living down south you hear about floods all the time. We get rain so often it’s normally a common occurrence to have a flood warning come across the tv screen. Floods are pretty amazing and yet scary natural occurrences. 

If you think of a flood, you think of rushing water and destruction. With that said, dreams with water and flooding can tell us a lot about our current state of being. With flooding, think about the rushing water and destruction. Once you have this in your mind think of what emotions you have currently working in your mind. Are you overwhelmed? Are you holding back emotions that at any moment could break free and a breakdown might occur? Dreams of flooding represent deep emotions and uncontrolled feelings we are holding onto. 

Dream Meanings of a flood:

  • Flood warning – The possibility of a new beginning in your waking life
  • Evacuating because of a flood – You may need to take steps to be more prepared moving forward
  • Flood at night – Your emotions are deep and are hidden
  • High water – You may be overwhelmed with a relationship and it may seem out of control
  • Flooding due to a storm or hurricane – You may be experiencing challenging situations but they will soon pass
  • Floods created from high tides or by the ocean – You may be fearful of not achieving your goals
  • Escaping from a flood – Positive sign you are releasing emotions that no longer serve you
  • Flooded streets – Positive and negative sign that you are heading in the right direction in your waking life or you are feeling emotionally overwhelmed
  • Flooded house – You are feeling out of control in your waking life
  • Flooded car – You are feeling trapped and uncomfortable in your waking life
  • Flood while driving – You feel overwhelmed in your waking life

Overall, dreaming of a flood deals with your emotions. Are you overwhelmed at work, in a relationship, or in life? If so, maybe it’s time to consider what areas need improvement and start working towards that. 

It’s also helpful to know that when we start acknowledging our emotions instead of holding them in, life gets better. Acknowledging is the first step. We then have to start releasing what no longer serves us to help us grow and move forward. 

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