Dream Symbol – Flying

Flying would be an amazing superhero power. If you don’t agree, let me reason with you for a moment. Take a moment and think of all the benefits of flying. You wouldn’t have to sit in traffic. You wouldn’t have to fly in an airplane ever again. You could also travel to places quickly and with ease. Think about it, instead of climbing Mount Everest you could just fly to the top. 

Flying in dreams represents positive signs of new opportunities are on the way. It also shows your ability to see hope and fresh perspectives in your waking life. 

Different Dream Meanings Of Flying: 

  • Flying in the Sky- You may feel like you need to free yourself from the constraints surrounding your life. 
    • Advice – Change is difficult but sometimes necessary. In order to become who we are we have to set outside of our comfort zones. We need to do what makes us happy. 
  • Falling down while flying in the sky- May represent bad luck in your waking life. To fall while flying represents the downfall of your personal growth. There may be obstacles in your life that are stopping you from moving forward.
    • Advice – Maybe take time to work through relationships, a job, or a project that’s showing signs of resistance. What are you holding back? What obstacles are in the way? Is it your inner thoughts or outside influences. You need to first acknowledge what’s holding you back so you can formulate the plan to move forward. 
  • Flying Low- Holding back in your waking life. Not asserting your inner strength to live the life you want.
    • Advice – Why are you holding yourself back? What are you afraid of. It took me a while to understand the phrase fear is just a word. I challenge you to face the fear (in a healthy manner). With mediumship, I always ran from spirits because I wasn’t sure about who was trying to contact me. My mentor brought up a great fact, why not face them and see what they want. It was literally that simple. One day I decided I was tired of being scared. So just like that, I turned around to face the spirits and said, “what do you want?” 
  • Hovering above the ground- You may feel trapped in your waking life. Challenges are stopping you from moving forward and succeeding. 
    • Advice – You need to acknowledge why you are feeling trapped. Understand that everyone has challenges and obstacles in their life. You have to be willing and actually want to move forward though. You can succeed you just have to ‘want’ to. 
  • Flying into something (wires or ropes)- You may feel like the problems in your waking life have you trapped and you are unable to escape.
    • Advice – Being comfortable is nice but it can come with a cost. Sometimes in order to move forward and to release ourselves, we need to move outside of comfort. We have to be willing to step out into the unknown. It’s scary but it’s normally worth it. If you want to move forward then stop with the excuses… and just move forward.
  • Trying to Fly- You have personal limitations in your waking life that are stopping you from moving forward.
    • Advice – What are your personal limitations? Your thoughts or belief systems are preventing you from being what or who you want to be? If this is the case, I would begin to question my beliefs and thoughts. Do they truly have what’s best for you in mind? Are they trying to keep you safe by not allowing you to move forward into the unknown? Really think about your goals for the future then think of what’s to break through these old belief systems to learn who you truly are. We are the only ones that can truly help ourselves move forward. You have to want it more than you fear it or want it more than you want to remain the same. 

As you can see flying not only seems fun but it also has mostly positive meanings behind it. 

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