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Have you ever had a dream about a fox?  Honestly, I haven’t dreamt of a fox but my little one was playing  ‘What does the fox say’ by Yivis, and it occurred to me that a dream article on a Fox would be interesting. 

If you know that song let me take a moment to apologize for the song playing over and over again in your head. For those of you that don’t know what I’m talking about, the lovely music video is below, you’re welcome. 

After watching this video, can you tell me what a fox sounds like? No, it’s not ‘ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding!” I actually googled what a fox sounds like. It sounds more like a high-pitched dog bark. Take a listen to the video below and judge for yourself. Getting back on the dream topic, a fox represents a knowing or foresight of a challenge coming to your waking life. It may also have a negative meaning that your spouse or partner may be cheating.  

Additional Dream Meanings Of A Fox:

  • Seeing A Fox – Good foresight and knowledge about problems on the way to your waking life. 
    •   Advice – Even though challenges may be on the way to your life you have the ability and knowledge to handle them with ease. You are a master problem solver, you got this!
  • Fox Attacking – Fox attacking has a negative connotation. This dream represents relationships around you where individuals are determined to overpower you. 
    •   Advice – You are stronger than you might think. These individuals may try hard to overpower you without worrying about how you feel in the process.
  • Fox Hunting – A hunting fox may represent a challenge when it comes to your financial status. 
    • Advice – Keep a close eye out on anything that seems out of the norm. Try your best to think through every situation when it comes to spending money.
  • Fox Chasing After You – A fox chasing you shows that you may be trying to avoid something in your waking life. 
    • Advice – Issues or obstacles don’t just go away. At some point, it is best to just face your fear.
  • Foxes in the House – This represents someone in your waking life is being dishonest or deceitful towards you. 
    • Advice – Pay close attention to those that are around you. If they don’t have good intentions then it may be time to release them from your life.
  • Red Fox – Dreaming about a red fox may have a negative association. It represents that someone close to you may betray you. 
    • Advice – It’s difficult sometimes to figure out who you can and cannot trust. All you can really do is your best. There’s no sense in worrying over something you can’t control. Just know that when/if something does happen you can take care of it. 

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