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I heard a rumor once that when we dream you can’t really die. The dreamer always manages to wake up. Well, in this dream of mine, the rumor was wrong. 

One of my recent dreams gives inspiration to this next dream article. In this dream, I was back in my small hometown with my little ones. It was storming lightly in the background. I remember the rain hitting the window and hearing thunder off in the background. My little ones were messing around as they always do before bedtime. 

I remember my youngest child tossing and turning as I looked out the window. I heard a sudden THUMP! I turned around and she was on the floor laughing. She went to roll over and fell right off the bed! We started laughing as I put her back in her bed. As I was doing this, I noticed the room got bright. It was almost as if the sun was shining through the window. How could this be, I thought? It’s in the middle of the night. I looked out the window to my dismay I saw a giant meteor coming down from the sky. I remember the meteor being bright like the sun with a stream of ash and smoke following close behind it.  I watched as it struck the house down the street. I was beyond shocked as I was watching the house be destroyed and break apart.

 I ran to my kids and held them in my arms. I knew it was only a matter of time before the ash and dust took over our house. As I sat holding my little ones I remember saying, “it’s okay the reset is here. The ending and the beginning.”

Shortly after saying those words to my little ones, a dusty ash set across our house.  I closed my eyes and held my hand over my little one’s eyes as the ash covered us. At that moment, I knew I had died. 

Upon waking from this dream I was fearful. I ran to my kid’s room to make sure they were okay. I did what everyone else does when they have a dream out of the norm. I went to google! 

Let’s get down to business! 

A meteor represents a possible problem with the ability to destroy goals, projects, or relationships. It also shows the potential for unexpected problems that could cause a massive change within your life. 

Dream Meanings of a Meteor:

  • Falling Star- If you’ve made a wish this is a sign that your wish in your waking life could come true
  • Shooting Stars- A sudden unexpected success may be on its way to your waking life
  • Finding a Piece of a Meteor- You may receive a gift in the near future
  • Meteor Crashing- Represent fears and problems with relationships or your sense of structure
  • Comet- Could be seen as a warning to focus on what is going on around you. You may have an event take place that may change your life. 
  • Black Trail behind a comet- This represents a negative event that may occur in your waking life that will change your life

Overall, meteors represent our fears that have disrupted our comfort zones. It may be a symbol for you to start releasing what you need to. It’s a sign that you need to accept what is. 

Have any other meanings leave a comment below!

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