Dream Symbol – Money

Money is quite impressive, isn’t it? Some people hold money to a high standard and believe it will bring true happiness. Some others believe it brings pain and heartache. As with all dreams, depending on how you view money will depend on how you dream about it.

If you dream of throwing money out in the wind as you frolic through the fields (who wouldn’t love to do this) then the way you view money speaks positive vibes. If the very thought of money makes you want to throw something at the wall, then you will probably see money in your dreams a little differently.

Dream Meaning of Money:

  • Being robbed or not having enough money: Considerations on your current life path need to be made on where you are in life financially
  • Becoming rich: A positive omen showing good things are on the way
  • Someone gives you money: You are doubting your financial freedom in life. You are not enjoying life as you should
  • Silver coins: You need to assert yourself more
  • Dollars: Positive sign that you may become prosperous in the near future
  • Debt: You are not able to forgive someone around you in your waking life, therefore, causing you to feel drained

These are just a few of the overall dream meanings of money. If you have more meanings leave a comment below.

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