Dream Symbol – Owl

Hoo doesn’t love owls (see what I did there, ha)? I mean except those folks that live in the woods and all they hear at night are the owls… besides them though. When I think of owls my mind goes directly to Harry Potter! I love me some Harry Potter movie days. 

One of my favorite parts of the Sorcerer’s Stone is when Hedwig drops off a letter to Harry. Harry’s uncle refuses to give it to him and then you watch as things start to get crazy! 

As stated above owls, with the Harry Potter remarks, are frequently related to magic, witchcraft, and mystical knowledge. Owls are able to hide in plain sight due to their nighttime nature and stillness abilities. It’s truly amazing how they have a keen awareness of whatever is occurring around them as they hide in the tranquillity.

When we dream of Owls they represent the parts of our consciousness that are concealed in plain sight, waiting to be awakened. They bring awareness to the parts that are hidden so that we can accept all of who we are.

Owls occur in our dreams as signs that we are going through deep shadow work. Shadow work is all about processing the parts of ourselves that we have actually hidden away, most often due to injury, pity, or fear.

Because these emotions are within our subconscious mind, owls appear to be scary, filled with unpleasant emotions such as fear, stress and anxiety, tension, and anxiousness in our dreams. It is common for people to have dreams about an owl assaulting them, which can be related to parts of your shadow that are being exposed.

Dream Meanings of Owls:

  • Being Attacked by an Owl – You have a fear that things are happening around you that are out of your control. 
    • Advice – You may want to control things happening in your life because change is difficult to handle sometimes. You need to change your perspective on this. Change is consistently happening. Each day whether you are aware of it or not. It may not be the ‘change’ you are afraid of but maybe the future events that occur after the change. Sit down and think to yourself about why you fear the changes. They may be blessings you have yet to understand. 
  • Owl Bite – There is a problem you are choosing to ignore or putting off in your waking life. 
    • Advice – Pay special attention to where you are getting bitten in your dream. These areas will help you decode the true meaning behind this dream. For example, getting bitten on the hand represents issues with your job or money relate (giving or receiving); bitten on the face represents feelings of self-worth; bitten on the mouth (ouch!) represents gossip; or getting bitten on the leg means issues around health, money, or personal safety in your waking life.
  • Owls Flying – A sign you need to trust things you cannot see. 
    • Advice – Everything in the situation is working out for your best and highest good. You might not understand it completely now but you will in the near future. 
  • Owl Watching You – You are not trusting that little voice inside (intuition). 
    • Advice – Ever have a weird feeling something is going to happen and you ignore it? Well, this is a sign that your intuition is yarning to be heard but you are ignoring it. It may have noticed something you haven’t. Take a few moments to breathe and ask yourself what is your intuition trying to show you? Go with your gut!

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