Dream Symbol – Pregnancy

Dreams about pregnancy are actually pretty common. It might surprise you (I was surprised), both men and women reported having dreams about pregnancy with a frequency higher than the scary dreams like falling or being chased. 

Most dreams about being pregnant represent positive changes on the way or new ideas in the works. You could be starting a new project, relationship, or career.

Types of pregnancy dreams:

  • Newly pregnant in a dream: you are excited about the new events that are blooming in your life
  • Far along in your dream:  you are in transition of an important life change such as beginning a new career
  • Giving birth: you may have a project in the final stage of completion
  • Someone else pregnant: you may be working on a project where someone else is completing most of the work, taking the credit for the work, or doing something you wish you could be doing on a creative level. This urges you to pay attention to who the person is and what type of relationship you hold with them. 
  • Dream that you are not able to get pregnant: Symbolize the stuck mind. It might represent a block within your mind stopping you from moving forward. It might also represent a challenge on the horizon. 

If you have any other dream meanings for pregnancy place them below!

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